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As with most other drugs used for recreational purposes and by addicts Oxycontin has been ground into powder and smoked in an attempt to get a faster and more pleasurable high than taking the drug orally. Oxycontin is especially commonly smoked because it seems to be relatively simple to smoke and gives a fast heroin-like effect. This is an incredibly addicting drug.  Here is a great resource about the Oxycontin side effects that can occur.   Taken orally it is a common drug of abuse. Smoking Oxycontin is only done by individuals who are using the product for its euphoric effect. Addiction happens extremely quickly. If you are smoking Oxycontin, or considering doing so, you need help to get off this very addicting and expensive drug. There are numerous options for detox and rehab from Oxycontin addiction

Although opioid withdrawal is difficult, it is rarely if ever life threatening. Most communities have a resource for detoxification from opioids. A good first step is to seek help from a primary care physician or the local hospital mental health clinic. They should be able to tell you about local options for detox that are safe for you.
Another option for detox from Oxycontin is to find an inpatient program for treatment of addiction that combines detox with therapy. This option may be best if you are felt to need inpatient rehab when you seek initial advice from your physician or mental health provider.

Oxycontin is a schedule two controlled drug used for treatment of severe pain. It is a huge drug of abuse in the United States primarily because of its formulation with 30% of the active ingredient oxycodone immediately absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and the remaining 70% more slowly absorbed. In principle this should give patients in pain both immediate and long lasting relief of pain, but in practice it gives a significant euphoric effect from the relatively high immediate release dose of medication compared to other long acting opioid preparations. This has made it both a very habit forming medication when used by patients in pain, and a favorite drug of abuse for opioid addicts.

Oxycontin has no inherent properties different from generic oxycodone when made into a smokable powder. Unlike some other products it has no built in anti-abuse properties. Some products contain an opioid antagonist that make the opioid ineffective if the integrity of the pill is disturbed. This is not the case with oxyconytin.
A big issue with opioid abuse is how quickly an individual can develop physical dependence on the drug. Opioid use for as little as a week can lead to minor withdrawal symptoms like bad dreams, abdominal cramps and sweating. Use for longer can make these symptoms much more intense and more difficult to manage without medical assistance. This medical blog has several posts about oxycontin and its abuse issues.

Using injected or inhaled opioids, like smoking oxycontin, can increase the psychologic component of the addiction. In general drugs that more quickly get to the brain, by being injected or inhaled rather than ingested, have much higher addiction potential than oral pills or capsules. This makes smoking oxycontin a really poor choice, and one to avoid. If you are already using the drug this way you may need help to stop. Please take advantage of some of the resources shown below.

This is a great article written by Dave Ross

Free Addiction Helpline: 1-866-569-7077

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